Friday, July 26, 2013

perfect situation

Mike and I saw Weezer last night at the America's Cup Pavilion.  It was really surreal to take the 1 downtown, where I usually get on Bart, and instead keep walking to the ferry building, and then keep walking up Embarcadero and suddenly to hear a band playing really loudly.  I'm not a huge fan of the venue--it seemed too shoddy and temporary.  The bathrooms were actually three huge rows of portable toilets!  But it was pretty cool to see one of my favorite bands of all time right on the bay like that.  It was an odd show. I had a wonderful time and they played a really great mix of a bunch of songs, but the drummer was absent (so far I have no idea why) and the mood was kind of strange.  Rivers, as always, was adorable and nerdy.  We were "Scott side" which was cool--he is my second favorite Weezer band member.  It was foggy and cold but we were standing on the grass and dancing so it wasn't too cold (although thank god Mike brought my camping fleece from home).

A coworker saw this photo in my cube and asked if he was my husband.  

It's interesting being on the other side of babysitting.  Mike said Ashlee was probably sleeping on our couch, and I said that I always fell asleep when I was babysitting and I always felt SO BAD about it, like why were they paying me money to watch their HBO and doze on their couch?  Especially when they had to wake me up when they came home.  That is embarrassing.  But I honestly didn't mind coming home and finding Ashlee just waking up, and now that I think about it, I'm sure the people I babysat for didn't mind either.  It was probably just nice to actually leave the house together and do something with your husband and only be in charge of your own eating and bathroom activity for the evening.  But Jesus H. Christ is it expensive.

Today I'm super tired.  I got a soy latte and croissant from Starbucks.  I feel so normal.  Usually I'd just be fine with my nectarine from home and a cup of fancy tea from my desk drawer.

Next week we see Phish.  I can't believe it--my two favorite bands within 10 days of each other!  Plus Sunday is our anniversary so we're going out alone again to Homeroom.  Quite a week for our babysitter!

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